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2020 Spring Traveling Registration


Welcome to 2020 Spring Traveling Registration!

This registration session will allow you to complete contact information, sign up for participation, and submit payment. Please read through each page carefully to ensure that all information is provided accurately. To complete registration through our secure site, please have your Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or checking account information available. 

Important Information!

  • What is the registration deadline? 
    Spring 2020 Traveling League registration will be open through January 31st.

  • How much does it cost?
    The cost of registration for Spring 2020 Traveling League depends on the age of the player, and is set as follows:
    • Competitive Pilot Program
      • We are  introducing a pilot program that will apply only to our oldest boys team and oldest girls team in the Spring 2020 season.  Link to full details of the pilot program may be found here:
    • U13 -U18 (birth year 2007 and older)  $395
      • Tetra coached team
      • 4 days of practice per week
      • Outdoor season will run from the first week of May through late July (approx 12 weeks)
      • Indoor practice 1-2 evenings per week beginning the first week of April
      • Teams will decide whether to attend the week long USA Cup July 14-18
    • U11-U12 (birth year 2008-2009)  $265
      • Tetra coached team
      • 3 days of practice per week
      • Outdoor season will run from the first week of May through late June (approx 8 weeks)
      • Indoor practice 1-2 evenings per week beginning the first week of April. 
    • U9-U10 (birth year 2010 and younger)  $160
      • Parent coached team
      • 3 days of practice per week through late June
      • One day of scheduled practice will be led by a Tetra coach
      • Outdoor season will run from the first week of May through late June (approx 8 weeks)
      • Indoor practice 1-2 evenings per week beginning the first week of April. 
  • Can I split up my payment?
    Yes, we are offering a partial payment option for the spring season.  You may opt to split your fees into three payments.  The first payment is due at the time of registration, the second will be automatically drafted on February 28th, and the third will be automatically drafted on March 31st.

  • Are tournament fees included in the cost of registration?
    No, there will be additional tournament fees that need to be paid.  APPROXIMATE costs are as follows:
      U13+   $175-$225
      U9-U12   $150-$200


  • What is the time commitment for games and/or tournaments?
    BYSA traveling teams participate in tournaments during the spring season. Teams will play in 5 tournaments.  Tournaments generally consist of three or more games.  Games are played on Saturday, Sunday, and occasionally on Friday.

  • When are practices held?
    Practices days and times will be finalized after registration is complete, as the schedule is based upon the number of teams we can form.  

  • How do you form teams?
    The starting point for team formation is birth year, based on MYSA guidelines.  Parents sometimes ask us why their child's team spans three school grade levels.  School grade level is not a consideration when we form teams.  Our teams often span two birth years.  Although this may cause a team to cross three grade  levels, it still groups similarly aged players.  Referring to the table below, if we form a team consisting of 2008-2009 birth year players, we may draw from both the younger 6th graders and the older 4th graders to form the team.
    Grade Birth year range
    6th 2007-2008
    5th 2008-2009
    4th 2009-2010


  • Are evaluations being held for the spring season?
    No.  For players that were with BYSA traveling for the 2020 spring or fall season, we will use recent tetra coach evaluations to determine team placement when players need to be moved up.  Players that are new to BYSA traveling league this spring will be placed according to their birth year.

  • Does my child need a uniform?
    The BYSA uniform is required game attire for all players.  The uniform adopted by BYSA in Spring 2019 is still in use for the Spring 2020 season.  A link to the uniform order will be sent out as soon as it is available for players who are new or need a replacement.

  • Can my child's entire team play up at the next age level?
    Occasionally there are requests for a team to play at the next age level.  This may be to get the kids on a larger field, or to give the kids more challenging play.  If a team wishes to play at the next age level, a representative of the team must contact the BYSA Board to request to have their team registered as a higher age level.  Keep in mind this could affect the cost of registration and the difference will need to be paid by each registered player.  This decision must be made before the team gets registered with MYSA and the coaches are assigned to teams.  The BYSA Board has final approval.

  • What is your refund policy?
    It is the policy of BYSA to retain all registration fees for any player withdrawing from the association after team assignments have been made.  BYSA shall maintain control of the player card for the withdrawing player.



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